7.8 / 10 Our Score
The Syndicate is back and this time the threat is real. Can your team of fellow recruits rise to the occasion or will your first day be your last? Solve your way out, and into a career in cyber security with the CSE.
Theme Consistency8
Story & Puzzle Quality10
Environment & Ambience6
Other Items7

I can’t help but start Escape Manor reviews by praising their staff.  They’re always so friendly and are a key part of setting the atmosphere.  This is a physically large space that can easily handle a larger party of 4 to 6 people.  It is a challenge to get through it with just two – we were close but didn’t quite make it!

There are several unique spaces in this room that each provides its own immersive experience.  The puzzles here are very mentally challenging with little to no physical puzzles.  Good spatial awareness and memory will you greatly here!

Despite having attempted this room already, I’d love to give it another shot and see if we can make it the rest of the way through.  It’s a fun challenge.