This location has closed.

4.3 / 10 Our Score
It was just supposed to be a fun camping trip with friends but now you’re handcuffed in some sort of makeshift dungeon. You must get out of here but how? Where is everyone??
Theme Consistency6
Story & Puzzle Quality6
Environment & Ambience2
Other Items3

We were very hopeful about this location in our hometown. They survived the pandemic (hurray!) and offer a ton of board games and even run Dungeons and Dragons nights at their location. The owner was friendly and high-energy and was generally good at giving us appropriate direction when asked.

The introduction is done very conversationally. The host was enthusiastic but did not draw us into the story.  Some places aren’t very story-focused and that’s okay. Hints were delivered either through the walky-talky or through the wall.  There were no ambient sounds and the room was missing some final touches that would make the experience more immersive.

The puzzles started off well with a solid theme. Appropriate props were used throughout. However, it didn’t take long until things started going a bit sideways.

The room is dark and some key information is so hidden it would be near impossible to ever spot (even with the lights on!) The walls of the room are covered in red herrings which we’re not really fans of in escape rooms – we were able to use hints from one of these to unlock a puzzle even though it wasn’t meant to work that way.  They do not follow the one-and-done rule which makes solving their rooms unnecessarily complex at times.

If you do manage to find the imperceivably tiny hint needed to complete the final puzzle to 75% the final step is to literally guess the final 25%. In our opinion, this isn’t acceptable.  So with only 5 of 8 pieces complete, we actually said we didn’t care to finish the room.  This is the first time this has ever happened to us and left us feeling really disappointed with the whole experience.

The room is large and could handle up to 5 people (maybe 6) but I think this room needs some work to make it worth it.

Our reviews are subjective and we invite you to try the room and leave your own review below.