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7 / 10 Our Score
Your investigation brings you to Vincent’s office. As you comb through the evidence you begin to feel uneasy. Are you now part of his twisted game?
Theme Consistency6
Story & Puzzle Quality8
Environment & Ambience7
Other Items7

Escape Manor has a lot of really great rooms.  I think this is one of their older rooms and has been reconfigured over the years.  There is definitely wear on the room and the props.  A good bit of touching up the physical experience would go a long way to improve this experience.

The room makes excellent use of the spaces around the office that you’re in and you’ll want to wear your step counter despite the seemingly small space.  The staff at this location are amazing storytellers as we’ve mentioned in other reviews.  The need for them to step in because of issues in the room was unfortunate but necessary only because of the age of the room and wear and damage.

The theme is very well presented and the wide range of puzzles gives a good challenge to any group. The spaces are well built and convincing.

Overall this was an enjoyable experience with well-thought-out puzzles but not one of their better rooms.