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At the ancient Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, a hidden tomb was discovered nearly a century ago, but kept secret – until now. Can you solve the mysteries that lie within the Tomb of Life?

As we said in our other reviews for this location, this location is fantastic. We loved the owner, Dale, we loved the decor, we loved the rooms. This place has a huge selection of board games available to play while you wait, drinks and snacks, and six physical escape rooms.

First off, this room is BIG and there are lots of things to do. 6 to 10 people would be comfortable in this room – we foolishly attempted it with 2! This room is exactly what an Egyptian tomb should be and we haven’t seen one better yet (though there is a really cool feature at Tomb Raiders in Milton, Ontario).

The lighting and audio are, again, done just right by Escape Club. There is nothing out of play, the are no signs of repairs or damage, and the hints are delivered in character by your game host. A superb job was done all around.

The puzzles are appropriately designed and well thought out. The work properly and fit the theme perfectly – not a single shiny combination lock to be found in the entire room. Bring your brain because this room is a medium-hard.

This was one of our two favourites here. If you’re a larger group, this is the room to choose!