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“A young woman has been missing for several weeks now, and her family has decided to hire Mystery Mansion Detective Agency to find her. One of her last known whereabouts was a local store called, “D’Vile’s Curio
Shoppe”. Mister E is sending you in to investigate the store to find any leads on what happened to the young woman.”

Before I get into it, this room was a lot of fun and I would 100% do this room again so, don’t let the rest of this paragraph deter you. While this seems to be a bit of a smaller, newer venue, and the layout of the space is a bit disjointed, it was great. The host was great at running the rooms and you could tell he really enjoyed himself as he ran experiences.

This room is well made and well-stocked. The props are appropriately aged and without signs of repair. You are instructed that the shopkeeper doesn’t want you to touch anything! But, in this room, nothing is really off-limits except for what is protected behind plexiglass. “Do not touch” stickers really hurt immersion and I’m glad that in this room there really are none at all.

The lighting and audio are great throughout the experience and the hint system is just great – trust me – it’s great. I wish they had done something a bit different with the flooring throughout this space but I think they’re limited by the location they’re in.

The puzzles were straightforward and logical, though a few times we were stuck thinking “what should we do next.” It is a big space that could hold 6 (it won’t seem that way at first) but was possible with 2. It was a solid medium difficulty and we had a real blast doing it. We only did two rooms here and this was our favourite.

Give it a try!

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