9 / 10 Our Score
"Enter the parlour of the mystic, Miss Fortune. Uncover the mystery of her final reading - but beware! Some secrets were meant to stay buried... Only you can tell what your future will unlock..."
Story & Puzzles9
Other Items9

This location is fantastic. We loved the owner, Dale, we loved the decor, we loved the rooms. This place has a huge selection of board games available to play while you wait, drinks and snacks, and six physical escape rooms.

The Miss Fortune escape room is a creepy, dark, space that will have you thinking like a fortune teller. The puzzles are clever and perfect for the space. The challenges are logical and everything was both in great condition and worked as expected. There was only one technical sort of glitch apparent but you have to try and work around the intended mechanics to take advantage of it (that is a bit of what we love though, isn’t it?)

The host did an incredible job of providing in-room hints but presented in-character which we loved. We were nervous at first about their “host’s discretion” method of hints but quickly learned to trust their instincts. They allowed us to struggle the right amount and gave us just enough of a nudge. It was good enough to score points under the “live actor” criteria of our reviews.

Audio and lighting are near perfect in this room (maybe a pinch dark at points?) and help to create a very immersive environment. This room is a smaller space – perfect for 2 players but happily accomodating 4… Maybe 5? It was an easy-medium experience even considering the nudges that were needed. With 4 people you hopefully won’t need many.

Definitely check this room out – it’s one of our highest rated spaces as of right now!