8.5 / 10 Our Score
“The Tomb of Nerual is said to be one of Dr. Jones’ greatest discoveries. The Inner Sanctum of the Tomb is rumoured to hold many remarkable treasures and hidden mysteries within, one of which is Immortality. Dr. Jones has hired your team to go on an expedition like never before, to seek out the Secrets of Eternal Life. Only those that the High Priestess Nerual deem worthy will be able to uncover her secrets, will it be your team?”
Theme Consistency9
Story & Puzzle Quality9
Environment & Ambience8
Other Items8

This room was a lot of fun with a lot of nice touches that complete the experience and a good variety of puzzles.  And locks…  LOTS of locks.  This is a room that could keep a larger group of six going but is also doable by two working well together.

The storyline is very obvious and well-integrated throughout the entirety of the room.  The room has a unique feature we haven’t seen in any other location (as of right now) and has great sounds and amazing visuals.  The only thing I would adjust atmospherically is the lighting.  Having this room dimmer with flickering-type torches would be the perfect final touch.

The staff member was great and helpful.  In this room, the staff comes into the room to help you instead of helping over a walkie-talkie or similar system.  It’s likely that this venue found that this is the best way to help guests but we find it really breaks the immersion to have an outsider walk into the room and we encourage the venue to find a way to do this remotely to keep the immersive experience.  At least give them a hat to wear that makes them fit with the room…

This room was a medium-hard room because 1) we were silly and not being observant, 2) contains tasks that simply take time and can’t be accelerated, and 3) there’s a LOT to do with moving from one room to another to solve problems.

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