8.5 / 10 Our Score
Have we gone mad? We must admit, we are a bit BONKERS! You must be to save your team and Alice from the vices of the Queen of Hearts! Newly re-imagined (and a crowd favourite) A Madder Tea Party will have you down the rabbit hole before you can figure out your very Merry Un-Birthday. This leap into the classic story will have you dreaming of WONDERLAND!
Theme Consistency9
Story & Puzzle Quality9
Environment & Ambience8
Other Items8

We had heard so many good things about Ichabod’s, particularly by other escape room owners, that we just had to make the trip to London, Ontario. Walking into the facilities you’re greeted with a visual experience that we’ve only seen a handful of times in Ontario. There is such great passion and care put into the facilities which is run by a passionate owner who clearly loves what he does.

This room is very well built and filled with beautiful art, decor, and props. In the entire room there was only one puzzle that I felt could have had some minor touch-ups to make it fit better, but they’ve done such a great job with this build it’s a very minor thing. The props are good quality and smart. Very clever. We encountered new styles of puzzles here which is always nice.

There are visual and audio gems throughout mixed with a variety of puzzles. Ichabod’s is proud of the fact that there are no padlocks and no combination locks throughout their rooms which makes for a truly magical experience. The mix of clever audio, video, and lighting rounds out the experience.

There was one puzzle that had two possible correct answers but only one will work. Apparently, we’re one of the rare groups that do this puzzle the alternative way. It’s near the end of the room so, if you get stuck, try the other way. There’s also some noise from adjacent rooms and this is related to bylaw codes and we’ve seen it affect other locations as well.

We loved this room and strongly recommend you go and check it out. There is very little they could do to make this room better. Definitely one of the best we’ve done in the province.

We completed this room and found it a medium-difficult. There’s enough space for 4 people but it may feel crowded with more than that.