7.3 / 10 Our Score
A Guelph Grocer has a lot more in store than just canned goods! Criminals have been spotted entering the building but nobody knows why. Explore this room as you work to solve the curious case of the Copper Club.
Theme Consistency9
Story & Puzzle Quality8
Environment & Ambience6
Other Items6

This location is right in the heart of Guelph close to pubs and restaurants. We did a room, went for dinner, and then came back to do another.

The staff here are great. The introduction is done in person and you are addressed as “detectives” from that point on including over the walky-talky for hints. I loved this. They gave us perfect hints that were just gentle nudges until we asked for more info.

The rooms have fairly appropriate lighting and appropriate ambient sound. The only thing I’d suggest to improve the ambiance is to use tile flooring in the “grocery store”.

The puzzles here are very simple in nature but mentally challenging. They truly are puzzles. You are presented with just enough information and then it’s time to decipher it.  They use some surprisingly simple tactics to hide elements that may cause experienced escape roomers to get thrown off a bit.  Almost everything can be picked up and used. Experienced escape roomers, who know not to be too rough on props, may stop themselves from going far enough.  Having a newbie in your party will help!

There was one issue with one puzzle right near the end that is a result of wear and tear.

The room is large and could handle 3 to 4 people nicely. More people is a bit too much and can be done with 2 people but you’ll need to work quickly!