7.5 / 10 Our Score
A deadly virus has spread throughout the city. The source? An old, abandoned Lab. Seeking to stop the spread, people gather explosives and wire the place up; but you and your team of scientists stall them. There’ll be no hope for the thousands already infected if a Cure isn’t synthesized from the source first. So… they’ve given you an hour. Can you uncover the Lab’s secrets and create a Cure before the bombs explode?
Theme Consistency8
Story & Puzzle Quality8
Environment & Ambience8
Other Items6

This location is right in the heart of Guelph close to pubs and restaurants. We did a room, went for dinner, and then came back to do another.

The staff here are great. The introduction is done in person and you are addressed as “scientists” from that point on including over the walky-talky for hints. I loved this. They gave us perfect hints that were just gentle nudges until we asked for more info.

The ambiance of this room was great utilizing proper lighting and eery audio that made me jump at least once. This medical research-themed room is packed with appropriate props and decor that will make Biology students from Guelph feel at home.

The puzzles here are themed and straightforward.  The clues were very clear and I would rate this room a medium difficulty even for two people. One puzzle required a bit more force than the “no more than two fingers of pressure rule” and that ended up delaying us as we tried to respect the decor and props.

The room is large and could handle 2 to 6 people. I definitely recommend going here and trying a few rooms.