7.8 / 10 Our Score
“Nothing is okily dokily about the house next door. After receiving numerous threats, your neighbours decide to go into witness protection as, The Thompsons. The FBI has been watching their home closely, but they are still unable to uncover the culprit.”
Theme Consistency10
Story & Puzzle Quality8
Environment & Ambience6
Other Items7

This room, clearly modeled after The Simpsons, is very immersive.  We were hesitant to try it because it was outside of the typical real-world environments we’re used to but I’m glad we did.  You definitely feel like you’ve stepped inside of a cartoon world!

This room is at the same location as one of our favourites, The Graveyard, which is why we wanted to give it a shot.  Most of the puzzles were quite good but some were outside of the range of our normal thought process and one just plainly needed improvement.  The puzzles were unique as was the experience in getting around inside the escape room (you’ll see what we mean!). You’ll definitely benefit from a group of four or more people who will bring a different perspective to solving puzzles.

The hosts here are very friendly but we found they were giving us a few too many hints in this room even though we asked for no hints. So, if you don’t like hints make sure you’re clear with the host!

If you’re looking for a medium room that’s different than your average escape room give The Thompsons a try! This room made our list of the Best Immersive Escape Rooms.

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