7.8 / 10 Our Score
Story & Puzzles8
Other Items8

“There’s never a dull moment at Green Trees Trailer Park. Your buddy got pulled over for a broken taillight that you promised you’d fix. He didn’t keep his cool and the cops found the stash of weed hidden in the back. Now you and the crew need to send bail money over to the county jail and get rid of the rest of the stash from the grow-house before the cops show up and you and your friends are serving 5-10.”

This room is obviously based on marijuana. There. We said it. You must be 19 and older to buy, use, possess, and grow recreational cannabis in Canada. This room was originally at “Panic Factory” in Clarington which was shut down as a result of the COVID19 restrictions. Fortunately, the hard work of the original creators was saved and given some updates to be played again in Mississauga.

The space feels like a charming trailer community complete with snack shack. The build, decor, and props are great with the exception of one or two minor items. It would’ve been nice to see some smoke pour out of the trailer when you get the door open. That atmospheric effect would’ve earned them some extra points, but it was still a great room.

Hints come from the “angry landlady” via an intercom which scored them some “live actor” points. There is a good combination of traditional and technical puzzles but the technology is hidden well enough to make it all make sense. The puzzles make sense and there’s a very logical progression throughout the room. The ending to this room is quite anticlimactic but at least you’ll have joy in your heart knowing you finished on time.

It’s a lot of fun to play and the space will easily hold 6 or even 8 players. We rate this room an easy having completed it in about 45 minutes with 2 players and using one hint that made us facepalm ourselves for not just putting it together ourselves.

This room made our list of the Best Immersive Escape Rooms. Gather up some buds and go play this tonight!

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