We were very sad to learn that this location is closed! However, their Brampton location is still open and we really hope they move this experience there!

7.5 / 10 Our Score
When Detective Hauser asked for your help in the missing persons case of Little Johnny Mapleton, it immediately sent chills down your spine. You know it’s a bad idea to go, but it feels like something is drawing you there; calling you back to the small town you thought you had left behind forever. Years have passed since the day Johnny vanished, and despite Detective Hauser’s best efforts, the case remains unsolved. Before being forced to close the file as a cold case, Detective Hauser is reaching out to Johnny’s ex-classmates, in one last attempt to figure out what happened all those years ago. While you might not have been that close to Johnny, and are even a little scared of what you might uncover, can you overcome your fears and help the Detective lay this mystery to rest?
Theme Consistency7
Story & Puzzle Quality7
Environment & Ambience8
Other Items8

This room has a good creepy factor to it but isn’t scary. It’s very well built with great atmospheric elements and lighting. It would’ve won more points for immersion if it wasn’t for noise from other rooms leaking in a little and some damaged props but you’ll probably find that a bit nit-picky to quote my grandmother.

The analog and technical puzzles work well and you get a good mix of practical locks that the kid may have used as well as a magical afterlife force. There are some puzzle elements that didn’t fit with the theme, and we spent way too much time figuring out the gender of a background character, but overall we knew what we had to do next and it was a logical progression.

The hint system is great and earned them some live actor points but, like their other rooms, they really need to work on the ending of their experiences. The last three pieces you need to complete the room seem unnecessary and even out of place – you’ve already accomplished the mission at that point and there isn’t much explanation as to why you have to complete this step. Then, you’re done! That’s it. And they kick you out. So, that wasn’t the best finish experience to say the least. There needs something more.

This room is a good size for 4 people and I feel like it may get crowded with more than that. It could physically hold 6 if needed. We were able to complete it with 2 people in about 45 minutes and so we’d rate it an easy or easy-medium at worst.

Give this room a try! It’s a good one.

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